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  We develop and realize ideas, first layouts and colour separation of designs. We mingle good old tradition with a fancy software and thus achieve stunning results.To obtain the following two prerequisites are equally important: first, a profound knowledge as well as routine are necessary for both, textile design and the technique of photoengraving. Second, a software that supports the particularities of textile design - like repeating and copying - and it should also support personal creativity; a software that allows textile colour separation through image processing, a software that is market leader: Adobe Photoshop CS - in addition, a hardware and an operating system for files up to 2000 MB and more: Macintosh G5/OS10.3. A detailed price list cannot be published here: the final price depends on the individual costs for colour separation (time) and the screen stencil. The average costs for one screen stencil plus drawing are: 180 to 220 euros, VAT excluded. (= 125/155 mesh size, 64 size/measurement, 163 cm engraving). A screen stencil is prepared by SPA or Global Engraving.

                             Apropos, a few words about my family and myself. I was born in France. My wife is a German textile designer and my daughter Carla, 15 years old, has already gained some practice in drawing. My father was head of the engraving department at Texunion, France, my brother works as a drawer in France.

 We always welcome new challenges!

   M.+H. Brobst - Gutenbergstr. 13
   D-86316  Friedberg, Germany (near Munich)
Tel: 0049(0)821-2679899 -

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